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Company Profile

Helping you find better ways to do great work

When you express the need to increase productivity, lower costs, and create new sources of competitive advantage, we know exactly what you are seeking. Here at A.F. Smith, the focus is on your workplace and how we may improve it to increase your performance. No other company in Bermuda offers the complete spectrum of products and services for your workplace. The portfolio offered expresses our understanding that your workplace is unique and differs from any other company. We are here to listen to your needs and provide the right solution for your business.

Building a Dream

A.F. Smith is Bermuda's premier supplier of knowledge, products, and services used to create high-performance workplaces. Founded in 1974 by Anthony F. Smith, the company was his concrete example of what superior service in a growing business sector ought to be. For the first six years, the company operated out of its creator’s home dining room and blossomed into the company it is today.

Our emphasis is customer service, value, and integrity. Today, the A.F. Smith family consists of men and women each representing diverse cultures and customs. 75 percent of the company is Bermudian with 25 percent joining us from countries around the world.

Core Values


  • Act with integrity
  • Be honest
  • Keep commitments
  • Treat people with dignity and respect
  • Promote positive relationships